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Tightvac 10 liter Everything Vac 5lb Vacuum Sealed Container


Black Cap / Clear Body
Black Cap / Black Body


  • 1 pc.10 Liter Everything Vac Bulk Storage Container (Please choose color above)

The Everything Vac aka Bread Vac container will serve a multitude of storage purposes around the house or while traveling. This Vac can hold 5 lbs of coffee, 10 lbs of flour, 7 lbs of dry dog food, 500 grams of dried herbs the storage possibilities are endless! What makes these containers so awesome is the patented vacuum closure system. Air is sucked out as the cap is pushed down creating a vacuum seal. Keep your herbs, vitamins, homeopathic medicines and snacks airtight and dry. The vacuum seal will increase the shelf of you food and herbal products! Water resistant. Keep odors contained. Freezer safe. BPA FREE. Tinted and colored Tightvac’s also guard against damaging UV light. Extremely strong and durable. Push button down and pull off - it's that easy! Allows products to breath, letting gasses out and no oxygen in! If you require a complete smell proof situation we advise that you use a sealed plastic bag inside the Vac.

Additional Info:

  • Dimensions:14" tall x 8.5" wide (or 35.6 cm tall x 21.5 cm ø)
  • Capacity:16 to 24 oz / 1 to 1.5 lbs / 500 grams / 10 liters