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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer



The Magic Flight Launch Box is the smallest vaporizer on the market and one of the most convenient. Powered by rechargeable AA batteries, the Magic Flight launchbox heats up in less than 5 seconds. All you need to vaporize on the go is your Magic Flight pre-loaded with your favorite aromatic blend and a AA battery.

With its fast heat up time and intuitive design the Magic Flight portable vaporizer is very easy to use. Just insert the battery, wait until you see vapor and start inhaling.

Because the Magic Flight vaporizer heats up and cools down fast, it never gets too hot to hold or put in your pocket. Reloading is fast and easy.

Made in the USA out of renewable wood, the Magic Flight features durable construction, a Lifetime Warranty, and a company that stands behind their products.

**Please note: These are beuatiful hand crafted pieces, no two pieces are alike, the colors and textures of the wood may vary from what is pictured.

Magic Flight includes

  • Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer (Newest 2015 Model w/ Click Lid)
  • x 2 Rechargable Magic Flight Batteries
  • x 1 Battery Charger
  • x 1 Cleaning Brush
  • x 2 Protective Battery Caps
  • x 1 Glass Draw Stem
  • x 1 Carrying Tin

Additional Info:

  • Heating element:Stainless Steel rod
  • Dimensions: Lenth: 2.5″(6.4 cm) x Width: 0.75″ (1.9 cm)x Height: 1.75″ (4.5 cm)
  • Weight: .4 lb. (181 g)

This product is an aromatherapy vaporizer and is intended to be used for aromatherapy only.  Aromatherapy vaporizers may relieve respiratory symptoms.  

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