Draw Whip for Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer choose 1ft, 2ft or 3ft


1 ft whip
2 ft whip
3 ft whip

The Draw Whip is used to cool the temperature of the vapor from your MFLB allowing you to inhale more vapor at a time. It is made of silicone and finished with 2 acrylic tips.

The 1-foot whip is great for personal use and has the fastest draw out of the three options.

The 2-foot whip is a great length for sharing your Launch Box with friends.

The 3-foot Whip can be used for vaping with friends or it enabling you to keep vaping with your launch box tucked away in your pocket or purse.


  • silicone tubing (1 Foot/30.48 centimeters, 2 feet/60.96 centimeters, 3 feet/90.44 Centimeters)
  • 2 pc. Acrylic tip